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Seedcamp is emulating Y-Combinator for Europe

Just discovered thanks to Sam Rose through his update on Bank & Finance Watch, that a british initiative – Seedcamp – targets replication of the success Y-Combinator has had in the US. Selection will happen in September for a full week in London. Principle is quite simple, 20 projects will be nominated and 5 offered a €50k for a 10% ownership of the company to be formed as a consequence (i.e a €450k pre-money valuation for the wining projects).

I really wish all the success to this initiative and would like to emphasize the opportunity for entrepreneurs accross EMEA. I can’t wait to read the reports of this first event and would like to see it as a forerunner for all P2PVenture initiatives throughout Europe and the whole world.

Private Capital Markets

The Economist released this week an interesting article on the subject of financial exchanges. This gives a broad view of the sweeping changes currently taking place in the world of capital markets.

I’ve been thinking lately quite a lot on the more specific subject concerning private equity placements and ways to create liquidity. I’ve discovered in the process several places doing interesting things like Entrex or others.

What is striking is that the Market is creating many alternatives to the cumbersome machines that the public exchanges have become: selling shares under limited scrutinity, selling blocks of shares between big players,.. It should be remembered that some of these liberties have progressively and conciously been banned from the public markets to prevent small investors from being abused or having big players acting according their own set of rules. It is also interesting to see that a lot of these are genuine innovations made possible by the advent of new technologies,  better understanding of risks and the creation of clever mechanisms to handle complex contracts.

While the good old public capital markets are becoming more and more global, it should be noted that the population of capital markets at large may be becoming more and more distributed.

VentureCamp in Rome

VentureCamp logo

I just discovered this initiative: a BarCamp on Venture Capital in Rome. Quite a pleasant prospect!!!

I hope all the success for this first VentureCamp. Depending on the date (late May / early June at this time), I may join the event to enjoy Rome and I’m sure lively discussions on the subject of venturing. I would also use the opportunity to promote some of the projects we’re having at the BarCampBank and in particular the P2PVenture project.