Join us for BarCampBankLondon on July 5th

This is going to be quite a fastuous Summer for BarCampBank this year with no less than 4 events happening across the globe: BarCampBankDallas, BarCampBankLondon, BarCampBankMadison and BarCampBank Vancouver are the 4 BarCampBanks on firm dates.

I’m personnaly involved in the organization of the only European BarCampBank in this series: BarCampBankLondon. Antony Evans and Thomas Barker have done a wonderful job making this first UK BarCampBank a reality and I’m excited and honored being part of their team. While I wish I could have intended every single BarCampBank on earth, I must admit that being 2 hours away from London makes this most convenient. With the commendable determination of attending every BarCampBanks in the US (and Canada..), Morriss Partee will thus surely hold very soon the record of participation to BarCampBanks. We should all applaude his stamina. I’m nonetheless equally happy that London has now joined the club and offers a valuable opportunity for European fi-startups to gather and show the vibrance of entrepreneurship in this sector.

I hope meeting a lot of you there. Resgistrations happen on Thank you for all your help in broadcasting this event and making it an absolute success for innovation in financial services.


3 Responses to “Join us for BarCampBankLondon on July 5th”

  1. 1 Morriss Partee June 4, 2008 at 2:56 pm

    Hi Frederic! It was wonderful meeting you at BarCampBankSF in March! I think I’m going to calm down and not try to attend all BarCampBanks in North America. I’ve got to pace myself to avoid BarCamp burnout. I do plan to attend BarCampBank Dallas and BarCampBank BC. But I won’t be able to make London or Charleston. I would enjoy attending a future BarCampBank London though, and I look forward to finding out about dates for BarCampBank Madison.

    Thanks for the shout out, and if any of your readers are credit union professionals (no matter where in the world they may be), I’d encourage them to check out the community and discussion at We have just a handful of members from the U.K. and Europe, and we’d love to have more join us!

  2. 2 jeanchristophecapelli June 5, 2008 at 7:30 am

    Hi Frederic ! I’ll be there with a bunch of passionate French BarCampBankers. Count us in 🙂

  1. 1 BarCampBank London was great! « Frederic Baud Trackback on July 8, 2008 at 2:29 pm

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