FriendsClear is launching

FriendsClear is a new personal finance startup founded by Jean-Christophe Capelli, Nicolas Guillaume and Anthony de Anfrasio. In the new tradition of Web 2.0 startups (think Wesabe’s “Wheaties for your Wallet” for one glorious example, but many others as well), FriendsClear starts its public life under the form of a blog. Jean-Christophe is a good friend and one of the co-founders of BarCampBank. So what makes FriendsClear unique – beyond the tons of experience accumulated in its founding team – is that FriendsClear can be considered as the first startup incubated within BarCampBank borne to life. I wish all the success it deserves to FriendsClear and hope that this single child status will soon disappear with the arrival of many other siblings.

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