BarCampBankSeattle: wrong day to stop sniffing innovation

BarCampBankSeattle took place this week-end (July 21 & 22). While I wished so much being there, I did not manage to make the trip. So I followed the event from a distance, and I gladly saw that I was so misfortunate not being part of the event. You can read from William Azaroff, Ben Black, Gene BlishenTim McAlpineRobbie Wright, and others what an excitement this must have been. Congratulations again to Jesse Robbins for making this moment happen!

So, in this post, I won’t go into the details of all the awesome projects that could sprout from these two days; and I won’t try to imagine how cooperation over the coming months could happen online to carry all these projects to completion. I’ll just deliver this simple thought: I’m always amazed how gratifying this is to be exposed to intelligence and creativity.

With a strong biais toward evolution interpretation, I’m always looking at this organ, our brain, that consumes 20% of our energy, that is wired to discover patterns in the clouds, as a trait providing an evolutive competitive advantage. Today, I’ll only remark that this brain is also wired to deliver huge flows of dopamine when exposed to new intriguing ideas and when producing new ones. I can imagine the torrent of dopamine that must have been delivered this week-end in Seattle.

As a final personal, note : I may – if really necessary – be ready to stop drinking coffee, but inhaling intelligence and creativity, this is an addiction I hope I’ll never quit.


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