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Will we soon see a BarCampBank happening in Australia?

Just discovered this post on The Bank Channel suggesting the idea of organizing a BarCampBank in Melbourne or Sydney. There will be soon a BarCampBank in Seattle on July 21 & 22, I think it will perfect sense to get contributions from the southern hemisphere as well. I hope that the idea will gather critical mass over there and that we will soon get access to the innovations that are cooking up in Australia.

Private Banking ready for disruption

Alex Osterwalder and the team at arvetica have just announced their new blog dedicated to the innovation in Private Banking. Alex and the team have been writing on subject for some time now on their company’s blog and you can then already find good content with a collection of their previous posts on this entirely new blog.

You can also find video material through The Bank Channel‘s post on Innovation in Private Banking . Behind good coordination, I see it as a sign that we may reach a point where a lot of ideas will emerge in the coming months on how Private Banking can be entirely disrupted. Of course, I hope to see a lot of these ideas shared within a workgroup in the BarCampBank.

Banco Sabadell and IBM to cooperate on innovations

I just received the press release from Pol Navarro, Head of Innovations at Banco Sabadell, about the annoucement of a joint initiative with IBM to develop Web 2.0 for financial services. We will be able to see demonstrations of the ongoing efforts on this dedicated site. The community will be able to provide feedback there and hopefully be able to actively participate in the innovation process. We know that IBM is promoting the idea that disruption is happening in the banking industry. It is obvious that we need some new tools for the new usages we see appearing. It should make sense that crafting of these tools can only be done through a community process.