Would you rather be paid through PayPal or Visa?

It could be funny to ask the same question at significant intervals in time.

 I first asked myself the question above for online payments a while ago, when PayPal appeared on the radars (at least when it reached mine). At the time, I definitely answered Visa. What, who is this PayPal? OK, this looks great but can I trust them to deliver flawlessly any payments (something that does not seem to be the case even as of today)? Then, should I open an account since when Visa decides to move on, who will use PayPal anylonger? So I decided to ask people to send credit card details and entered the information on my credit card processing machine.

 Then, I asked myself a second time later on, when the need for regular online payments became more pressing. OK, I really need something that would look like what PayPal is doing. What? Visa still does not offer anything similar and ask for cumbersome procedures to get online payments. Grrr, I do not really like it, but seems that I should go with PayPal; I could always switch later on when Visa offers the same level of service. I’ll have to bite the bullet and any associated sunk costs, but I can not wait for ever.

Lately, I asked myself the same question again (intellectually). Would I rather be paid through PayPal or Visa? OK, what am I talking about? What Visa’s got to do with online payments???

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