Using CRM during the day, and VRM at night?

VRM is a new term (no I do not mean Virtual Reality Modeling) coined for Virtual Relationship Management. So while you may be using a CRM system at your company to extract the last penny from your reluctant customer base, you may now decide to use your own information at night to try getting a better deal from this annoying salesman that is hassling and chasing you even into your den.

It seems that a new company Attention Trust has decided that our attention is a precious good and that we should receive a fair return for having to read, listen or just bother with the message the persistent salesman is trying to impose on us. This clearly belongs to this new VRM trend.

 If you are more specifically interested by VRM applied to banking, then you should definitely read Colin Henderson’s post on The Bankwatch. If you are more than interested by BankingVRM, you should then join BarCampBank‘s workgroup on the subject.

 Finally, there is Project VRM a project hosted by Harvard University.

 We’ll see if we has customer will be able to regain the upper-hand in the selling process. But at least it is reassuring for people who may fail to make theirs quotas because of inadequate CRM systems, that they can recoup part of the money by negotiating hard when they buy their next kitchen set.

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